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the sphere and cylinder values are quite low. These lenses will enable you to achieve the most natural vision possible, even as you continue aging. *Varilux, #1 progressive lens brand worldwide. The X in the name comes from Generation X and this lens truly delivers for my generation and our unique digital needs. During the third stage of the research, in order to assess the performance of the Varilux® X seriesTM lenses, wearers wore them in real-life conditions during three types of tests. I finally went back to the optician from whom I bought my current Varilux Physio progressive lenses (after cheching out COSTCO and a few other local opticians). The X series is the only lens to feature Xtend Technology which they say reduces the need for head movement when looking to … PROGRESSIVE LENSES VS. BIFOCALS. I am about a -.75 and a -.1.50 with around a diopter of astigmatism and a +2.50 add. Hence, adapting to consumers’ needs across the world.Crizal No-GlareThese lenses will give you the clearest vision possible by protecting you against glare, scratches, smudges and UV light. The result eliminates blurriness, providing superior sharp vision, even in dimly lit conditions. **96% of wearers are satisfied with the quality of vision their Varilux® lenses give them – global studies conducted between 2009 and 2017 on 1903 wearers (n=18 studies). Varilux X series lenses deliver outstanding sharp, continuous and fluid vision across all vision zones so you can see near to far and everything in between. In addition to the comparison with the Varilux® S® design lens, the quality of arm’s-length vision available with the Varilux® X design was investigated as well, with a specific study of 42 wearers in France (Figure 4a). View All Contact Lens After wearing this lens design for a full year I am happy to report that it is definitely the most comfortable progressive I have worn. Best progressive lenses brands. Binocular Booster technology enables the eyes to work better together as a team. Second, researchers drew on new tools and methodologies to improve their understanding of wearer behavior and wearers’ expectations. Moreover, wearers were asked to make video selfies showing the most problematic vision situations they encountered with their progressive lenses, so researchers could learn more about their day-to-day needs. As a reminder, that option involves measuring each wearer’s near-vision posture and behaviour and designing, calculating and manufacturing a progressive lens that reflects those customized parameters. Now if they could just make it offered in the new Transitions Colors (article coming within days!) The drivesafe has a fairly small near zone. A NEW DEFINITION OF NEAR VISION. Allergy season is in full swing. The vision of Varilux is clear and is seen throughout the authentic online. Varilux lenses cost approximately the same as Shamir lenses when comparing similar features. - It’s important to note that at least 73% of the wearers surveyed said they were “more satisfied” with their new lenses than with their previous ones, both for general use and for tasks performed at arm’s length. My eyes do sit near the top of the lenses. The launch of a new generation of progressive lenses is only truly significant if the new lenses give presbyopes better visual comfort and greater satisfaction. ( Log Out /  To deal with these challenging fits, especially as lens technologies were improving and the cosmetics of frames were changing towards much smaller frames (remember all those small rectangular looks in the early 2000’s? Varilux Progressive Lenses The Varilux Progressive Lenses eliminate blurriness and low-light issues by providing your lenses with sharp vision at every distance, even in dimly-lit conditions. Since then, Essilor has worked tirelessly, leading the way in research and development to create lenses and utilize technology to provide the clearest, most comfortable vision for our patients. Andy Chapman: My name is Andy Chapman from Chapman Opticians. (I can choose a frame that would give me that height.) The Road Pilot is a good progressive for someone who does a lot of driving, the Sport lens works well for an active lifestyle and the Computer lens is a good progressive for office work. It also allows us to to give more space to the mid-range, if the frame is exceptionally large, thereby also eliminating the messy distortion below your reading area in a big frame.

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