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Other forms of coconut oil solidify in cool temperatures, which probably caused the problem. Add the chopped chives. My PCOS Kitchen is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to, PCOS Facial Hair, Electrolysis & Laser Hair Removal. I am not sure what happened but it cost a lot of money and I had to throw it away. Hi Darlene! This is so delicious! I don’t ever go back to store bought mayonnaise again. Worked just fine and quickly. I can add a little variety to my own meals, and I’ll probably start experimenting with adding flavors to it too. My mayo has a strong (and green) flavour. Do not lift the head of the immersion blender until the mayo turns opaque and thick at the bottom of the jar. The whole process should take less than 30 seconds. But you can do all avocado (or all olive oil, but only if you pick a neutral one- just note that these are more refined). Never again! This is my 3rd time making this mayonaise and it’s been perfect every time. I hope you love the simplicity of these ingredients as much as I do. I have never used avocado oil before. Then the egg yolk. Tried the boiling water. I f**d up making mayo twice before (separated) so went back to store-bought for a long while. Hi Jessica, it sounds like your mayo “broke.” Check out the post above for troubleshooting tips for broken mayo. It was a bit runny, but I am making this again today. Gave this one shot and it came out PERFECT! I tried to the t and it failed. I will never buy mayo from the store again. If you can’t see those, please fill out the contact form here and let me know what device you are on. Thanks for stopping by! I couldn’t see it either, until I turned off my Ad Blocker app. Condiments Maybe we can find one to recommend to you.. Palm oil is relatively similar to coconut oil in composition, though it has a higher concentration of monounsaturated fatty acids (a good thing). . Mine is very dark and bitter. I'm Maya Krampf - cookbook author, recipe developer, meal plan creator, writer, photographer, and keto advocate. Bottle 15 oz. (You can also use a tall glass, but make sure it's wide enough for an immersion blender to fit. (Most people have an immersion blender! Otherwise, another option is to use lemon juice instead of the vinegar. I made a tuna salad and used the mayonnaise. Might have been good to mention that! My mayo turned out like water even after adding 2 egg yolks. I am allergic. Before you scroll or jump to the recipe card. Recipie. Store bought mayo is usually made with canola or soybean oil, both of which I prefer to avoid. Thank you! Once you reach the top of the oil, slowly move back down to the bottom. I might try to make this with olive oil or maybe even MCT oil as an experiment. Registered trademark. Homemade mustard should work fine as long as it has the same texture and consistency of dijon mustard. Came out great, but not white, it’s pale green. OMG have been trying different recipes with mixed results. I was afraid of wasting the avocado oil. I have many recipes online using only yolk, any particular reason you used egg white too? I love knowing what has gone into my mayo. Try not to disturb the egg or order of ingredients as you add them. Maybe some of your followers also have one and would like to know they can pasturize their eggs for mayonnaise, keto cookie dough or any other raw egg recipe. Help! Hi Sarah, Sorry you had issues with it! Nutrition facts are provided as a courtesy, sourced from the USDA Food Database. Reading the comments I think I will try the lemon juice the next time…I used Braggs ACV and the mayonnaise tastes old…like stale old. And of course, do not start the blender until you have it completely covering the egg yolk. Hi Miki, Did you add a couple of tablespoons of hot water to the mixture and then continued to blend? It went in the trash. Thank you so much for sharing this simple, yet effective recipe. The link has been corrected. You put all the ingredients into the jar, in a specific order, and just let the immersion blender do its thing! Avocado Oil Mayo by Kraft. After you confirm, you'll receive a link to the Members Area where you can download the book, plus I'll email you the quick start guide! Easy and delicious! The first one I tried was adding the boiling water, but that didn’t help much. I’ll taste it again when it’s cold, but this is not what I expected. But this keto mayo recipe is a good-for-you twist on the classic condiment. I am in shock – it was super easy to make and came out perfectly. Yay! Have a great day! Jar, 22 oz. To be honest, using this immersion blender method, I have never had it break. After reading extensively through the comments, I made sure both the egg and mustard were room temperature. Would this mayo taste better with only yolk? Is it because of my blender? Hiya, Just made the mayo. I made this mayonnaise yesterday and I may never buy mayo again. The mayonnaise tasted of raw egg. I even messed up and mixed my ingredients before adding the oil and it worked perfectly. And most certainly, NOT worth all the effort and the cost of ingredients! I was so perplexed because I’ve actually made mayo with my immersion blender with good results. So, I tried this recipe one last time. I love mayonnaise–Kraft, Hellmans, Kroger, but this tasted dull and old. Thank you for sharing your recipe – love it! Wholesome Yum | Natural, gluten-free, low carb recipes. Any ideas? Hi Karla, Let your mayo rest in the fridge for about 20 minutes. I’ve always been careful about that, even giving up sampling raw cookie dough. Unfortunately, this recipe did not work out for me. Once the mayo is done, transfer it to a jar/tupperware and refrigerate. Tried to add an additional egg yolk, it did nothing. Once all of the oil has been poured, you'll have a really smooth mayonnaise. I have been very skeptical for many years because I’ve always heard how hard it is to make mayo. But I was trying to find an immersion blender – there are WAY too many to choose from. Grab a tall, wide-mouth glass jar and crack an egg into the bottom of it. Your email address will not be published. Make sure the jar is wide enough for the immersion blender to fit! Thanks. Can you please help me out to get this right? Mayo breaking shouldn’t be related to the type of oil used, though. It took 2 TBSP Of hot water 1 TBSP at a time), but it WORKED! I’m bummed. But just in case, I still wanted to include some helpful tips for how to fix broken mayo or too-thin mayo: If you are making sugar-free mayonnaise using my immersion blender and jar method, storage is effortless. Remember to hold the immersion blender at the bottom of the jar until the oil starts to turn opaque, then you can lift it up to incorporate the rest of the oil. Thanks for your response. Any suggestions? YES!!! I did use a whole grain dijon mustard that had some wine in the ingredients…. I followed the directions to a T, with the layering and all. Thanks for stopping by! All else is actually optional. With that can this mayo be eaten with? Ever!!! Mine didn’t thicken so what did I do wrong ??? I was so annoyed with it I decided to try to just turn it into a salad dressing, and for some reason I dumped the white from the egg in there and blended it again… and miraculously it emulsified! First, using avocado oil instead of olive oil is genius! I blended for 20 seconds at low on bottom of the jar before moving up and it ended up combined but too thin. And used everything I already had in my kitchen. I then tried adding the extra yolk, and that actually helped bring it back to a usable consistency so my batch didn’t go to waste! So if anyone has any ideas of where to go from here I would be please to hear them, thank you. I used my blender and it came perfect. Chosen Foods Avocado Oil Mayo — Chosen Foods makes a line of keto-friendly mayonnaise that are all sugar-free and zero carb (except for their vegan mayo). Adding oil in a stream is a method used by some recipes, but not this one. Thank you!! I thought avocado oil was supposed to be a neutral oil. I’ll be making it again! The missing stars is for my incompetence…. Turned out with just the right thickness and creaminess. Get full nutrition facts for other Chosen Foods products and all your other favorite brands. I’ve made immersion blender mayo with light-tasting olive oil (lots), avocado oil (some), liquid-at-room-temp coconut oil (couple times) and MCT oil (only once). Now, my issue is that it has a plastic-y after taste. Just like you said. Thanks for the recipe! One with a cold egg … it did not thicken. You only need five ingredients total in this easy homemade mayonnaise recipe: 1. Fixes don’t seeem to work. Thank you! remove add---tbsp. Where does nutrition info come from? You said you added the oil slowly, but the recipe does not say to do that. (You’ll know it’s off by the smell and appearance.) We have always used a Cuisinart food processor which is a major pain and had it break SO many times. I used the next best thing I had, which was just a somewhat deep metal bowl from Good Will that used to be from an electric mixer. Hi Sasha, I am sorry you had a bad experience with this recipe. I was not too impressed with the food processor I have – it could have been the human using it. If so, I have tips about that in the post above. I was doing a side by side comparison on the Nutrition Information between your Homemade Avocado Oil Mayo and the Kraft Reduced Fat Olive Oil Mayo that i currently buy. It normally has a very mild flavor, slightly vegetal, almost neutral. Thanks for another awesome recipe. Help! I’ve tried so many mayo recipes, and this one is the bomb!! A whisk attachment, what?!?! Share your recipe picture with @wholesomeyum or #wholesomeyum on Instagram or in our Facebook support group, too - I'd love to see it! The mayo came out a dark yellow and liquid like milk. Over the years I’ve heard about several tricks for fixing broken mayo. It also tastes mostly of oil I think a cup is too much after “pouring ” it over my fish after eating it I actually vomited to oilly. I will be looking for your recipes that use it. I must post another comment! Wonder if I toss in some Swerve if it will taste like Miracle Whip. Hi Beatrice, It sounds like the emulsion wasn’t created in the mayo, and it needed to be blended longer. My method is super easy – use an immersion blender! Once it emulsifies, you can lift the head and incorporate the rest of the oil on top. jar will set you back $7 to $10. What I did was put the yolk in another container and let it sit out for 30 minutes along with the “bad batch.” After that, I added a the broken mayo to the egg yolk and blended it with the emulsifier. Jar, 48 oz. There are a couple other methods listed for saving mayo, and also some troubleshooting tips. This post may contain affiliate links, which help keep this content free. It was awful. How much lemon juice do you add? Also tastes great! Thank you! Looks great. Thanks for posting!! I’ve made the Avocado Mayo many many times with no issues what so ever. It tastes fresh and homemade. I used this recipe twice with complete success, only to fail the next three times!! You HAVE to isolate the egg completely with the immersion blender AND start it off on low then it works perfectly! it was what I had on hand.

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